Episode 21: How to Grow Beach Plums

Nana Beach Plum in Flower (Photo credit: Ken Asmus)

Beach plums are beautiful, tough and produce delicious fruit and yet this productive shrub is overlooked by many growers.  In this episode we learn how to grow beach plums and how to breed beach plum seedling plants that will thrive in your unique conditions.

Ken Asmus of Oikos Tree Crops in Kalamazoo, MI. has spent decades developing beach plums that taste great and are genetically diverse (rather than grafted clones). He talks about growing beach plum “communities.” Learn more about his work in this episode of The Urban Forestry Radio Show.

What you will learn about growing beach plums in this show:

  • What regions can you find beach plums in?
  • What soil conditions do beach plums thrive in?
  • What do beach plum fruits taste like?
  • What do the plant’s flowers look like?
  • How long does it take the plant to produce fruit from seedlings or pits?
  • How do beach plums pollinate?
  • How do chicasaw plums differ from beach plums?
  • What is a plant community?
  • How can different varieties, cultivars and characteristics be used to alter fruit quality?
  • How can the plant type affect fruit production?
  • How can a beach plum plant be grown from pits?
  • Are beach plums a marketable crop?

Learn how to grow beach plums like the Dunsbar plums (grown from seed). This beach plum community will give you fruit with different flavour profiles, from tart to sweet.

You can also visit our facebook post for this episode for more information (where you can see more pictures of the beach plum, its blossoms and its fruit) .

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