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Perfect for beginner and intermediate growers in North America and beyond – from Norway to New Zealand and everywhere in-between. If you live in a temperate climate, this course is for you!
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Grow healthy and productive fruit trees. Learn pruning, feeding, planting, young tree care and pest & disease prevention. Includes video, quizzes, eBooks. Can be completed in just 8 hours. 

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Growing Apple Trees - The Easy Way

When it comes to growing apple trees, there is a hard way and an easy way. Learn all about it in this blog post.

Community Fruit Tree Projects Bloom Worldwide

Learn about some of the top community orchard projects that are blooming across North America.

Fruit Tree Mulch: The Ultimate Guide

Mulch can help fruit trees in a variety of ways. Learn more in this ultimate guide to fruit tree mulches.

Restoring Old Fruit Trees with City Fruit Seattle

Learn three steps to restoring old fruit trees with Barb Burhill of City Fruit in Seattle.

Homemade Fruit Tree Fertilizer Sprays to Boost Tree Health and Harvest Quality

Homemade fruit tree fertilizer sprays are a great way to help fruit trees fulfil their potential. Learn how to make them and use them in this article, video and podcast.

Apple Tree Rootstocks Explained: How to customize your apple tree for your unique conditions.

The choice of apple tree rootstock will determine mature tree size. It can also offer disease resistance, early fruiting time, vigor and more. Learn more in this article and podcast.
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I am a journalist, filmmaker and urban orchardist who created because it was exactly what I needed when I planted my  first fruit trees in 2009.


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