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Growing Urban Orchards
By Susan Poizner
Garden Writers’ Association Silver Award of Achievement 2014
Book Writing: General Readership

OrchardPeople.com Online Fruit Tree Care Training 
Garden Writers’ Association Silver Award of Achievement 2014
Electronic Media: Broadcast, Special Project

OrchardPeople.com Online Fruit Tree Care Training 
Garden Writers’ Association Silver Award of Achievement 2015
Electronic Media: Broadcast, Special Project

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Fruit Trees Need Hands On Care. More and more North Americans are planting fruit trees. But in order to thrive, fruit trees need hands on care. Enjoy the content of this website to learn more about fruit trees, forest gardens and permaculture. And be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter below for fruit tree care news, tips, and product discounts on OrchardPeople.com.

Recent Blogs

Holiday Discount – Just for Ewe!

Celebrate the holidays with Orchard People. We’re offering 25 percent off the price of our online fruit tree care training course until December 31, 2016 – just for you!

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Pressing Apple Cider: A Family Affair

For some families harvesting their apple trees and pressing apple cider is a family tradition. Meet author Steve Biggs and his family on a cider pressing day.

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Dwarf cherry tree or cherry shrub? Which is better for your garden?

Dwarf cherry tree? Or cherry shrub? Which is a better choice for your small garden?

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How to Make Hard Cider

Learn how to make hard cider, in three easy steps with Ben Watson, Author of Cider Hard and Sweet.

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How To Prepare Fruit Trees For Winter

How to prepare your fruit trees for winter? Find out in this blog and in our free eBook.

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The North American Climbing Championships 2016

ISA Arborist Krista Strating talks about the North American Tree Climbing Championships in 2016 and why more young people should consider arboriculture as a career.

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Bug Busting Orchard Sox Experiment

Comparing bug busting orchard sox, sandwich bags and gift bags…which offer better protection for apple trees against insect pests?

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Fire Blight and Fruit Trees

Fire blight and fruit trees – how to identify and prevent it with Dr Kari Peter of Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Centre.

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Climate Change and Fruit Trees

How will climate change affect fruit trees, orchards and permaculture gardens? Find out in this interview with Cornell University’s Greg Peck Ph.D.

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Planting Apple Trees? Taste the Fruit First …

Interested in planting apple trees? Taste hundreds of apple cultivars at the Salt Spring Island Apple Festival in October as part of your research.

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Recent Podcasts

Episode 15: The Next Great Apple

The search is on for the next great apple tree. We chat with Rob Wyles of Washington State who discovered the new “Foxtrot” apple and to Daryl Somers of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario about the science behind taste and apple breeding.

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Episode 14: Learning From Leaves & Cherry Root Stock

What do the leaves of your tree tell you about its health? And explore the types of cherry root stock and why it’s important to choose the right one.

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Episode 13: How to Make Cider – and Girls in the Trees

Learn how to make cider with your apple harvest with Ben Watson, Author of Cider Hard and Sweet. And learn why women are being encouraged to look for jobs in arboriculture and forestry in an interview with Katrina van Osch-Saxon of Fleming College’s Urban Forestry Program.

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Episode 12: Fireblight. And Persimmon Passion!

Learn how to protect your apple and pear trees from fireblight. And how to choose a persimmon variety to plant that actually tastes good!

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Episode 11: The Sex Lives of Insect Pests & Fruit Tree Irrigation

How understanding the sex lives of insect pests helps you protect your fruit trees & why fruit tree irrigation isn’t as easy as you might think.

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Episode 10: How to Grow Seabuckthorn and The Temperate Orchard Conservancy

Seabuckthorn berries are a nutrient rich superfood – and they are easy to grow in North America even in the poorest soil. And why a group of volunteers are cloning all the trees in an orchard in Oregon.

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Episode 9: A Fruit Tree Growing App and Cycling for Trees

Download a free app that will help you diagnose disease problems in your fruit trees…and get on your bike and ride to raise money for tree research.

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Episode 8: Climate Change and Fruit Trees – How Do We Prepare?

Greg Peck of Cornell University discusses how climate change is affect the way we grow our fruit trees? And…what to do with your bumper crop with Joel MacCharles of wellpreserved.ca.

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Episode 7: No Room For a Cherry Tree? Try a Cherry Shrub!

Explore the world of the Romance Series of Cherry Shrubs…how to grow them, care for them…and cook them! And meet Virginie Gysel of Transition TreeMobile.

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Episode 6: Harvesting the Fruit – And Combatting Global Hunger

How harvesting the fruit on fruit trees, nut trees and coffee plants can help combat global hunger

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Urban Orchardist,
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Susan Poizner is an award-winning author, journalist, urban orchardist and fruit tree care educator based in Toronto, Canada. She trains arborists, master gardeners, community orchardists and home orchardists in fruit tree care skills through her in-person and online workshops, webinars, monthly newsletters and monthly radio show and podcast. She is the author of the  award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards. Learn more about her on the About Susan page.


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