Online Fruit Tree Care Workshops

Learn key organic fruit tree care skills in just 8 hours and earn your Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care. Topics in these online fruit tree care workshops include winter and summer pruning, preventing pests and disease, fertility management and more.

Watch this one-minute video about Orchard People’s online fruit tree care workshops.

Learning To Care For Fruit Trees Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Step One: Go through the video lessons in order. After each video review the lesson content by taking a short interactive quiz.

Step 2: Download and review the five beautifully designed eBooks and resource guides, including Susan Poizner’s award-winning eBook “Growing Urban Orchards”.

Step 3: Take the final assessment. With a score of 70% or more we will send you your Certificate in Fruit Tree Care. If you don’t pass the first time, try again!

Fruit Tree Care Workshops: Course Content

Module 1:
Researching Varieties

2 hours of video, review quizzes and eBook

Module 2:
Planting & Early Years

1 hour of video, review quizzes and eBook

Module 3:
Correct Fruit Tree Pruning

2 hours of video, review quizzes and eBook

Module 4:
Pest & Disease Prevention

2 hours of video, review quizzes and eBook

Module 5:
Fertility Management

1 hour of video, review quizzes and eBook

Final Assessment

Take the 40 question final assessment to earn your certificate

Online Fruit Tree Care Workshops: Benefits

Short Video Lessons

Each workshop is one to two hours long and is divided up short video lessons that you can watch them anytime, even during your coffee break.

Watch Anywhere

Go through the videos at your own pace and watch them anywhere – on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Try It Risk Free

If you don’t like what you see we’ll offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the course.

Earn Your Graduate Badge

For those who complete's Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care, you can opt to be added to our fruit tree care graduate database and you will receive a badge to display on emails, on your website or so share on LinkedIn.

Potential employers will be able to check our database to confirm that you did complete the training. This is a great benefit for students who are arborists, master gardeners or who work in the landscape industry.


Bonus! Fruit Tree Recommendation Sheet

Once you complete the course successfully, you will have access to Orchard People’s easy-to-use customized fruit tree care recommendation sheet to evaluate your own trees or those of friends and family.

Once you have inspected your tree, tick the boxes to show which issues the tree has (including specific pest and disease problems). Then tick the relevant boxes to suggest a plan of action to care for the tree using the tools and strategies that you have learned on this course.

Online Fruit Tree Care Workshops: Testimonials

“I help maintain everything from small orchards (5 – 20 fruit trees) to backyard fruit trees for many home owners. Over the years I acquired a lot of information regarding the care of fruit trees, but always look for new information from credible sources. Orchard People is one of those credible sources. The online workshop is a very thorough introduction to everything you need to know to get your fruit trees off to a good start and maintain them over the years. The course reinforced my own understanding and provided a lot of new information. For example, the importance of diploid / triploid type trees on pollination was something I hadn’t come across before.

“I especially liked the sections on seasonal pruning and pest & disease management. The reasons and methods for winter and summer pruning are covered very well. I most often prune for ‘open center’ or ‘modified open center’ tree structures, but after learning the advantages of a ‘central leader’ with a platform structure, I will try this first chance I get. The importance of dormant sprays is explained, but there is also great information on non-chemical methods. Most of my fruit tree clients prefer as natural and organic treatment as possible and now I have a wealth of new methods to apply.

“The pdf ‘handouts’ offered throughout the course are, by themselves, worth the price of admission! They include a lot of additional information beyond the workshop and I will refer to them often.

“Thank you, Susan, for an outstanding workshop. I learned much”

Steve Hiestand

ISA Certified Arborist, Pruning Pro, Vancouver, WA

“I absolutely loved the course!  I learned so much valuable information and have since planted 16 fruit trees for the Food Bank Gardens at rare Charitable Research Reserve.  What a thrill! As a beginner steward of fruit trees, I found the course to be very clear and contained a wealth of knowledge.  It was great to learn from a local expert who holds such enthusiasm and experience on the topic of fruit tree care.  The entire course, from start to finish was excellent.  The information was clearly presented and easy to follow.  I feel well equipped to care for our new orchard and I look forward to sharing the skills I learned with other gardeners, staff and volunteers. Thank you again, Susan.  I will be reviewing parts of the course to refresh myself as needed.”

Taryn Jarvis

Property, Facility and Garden Coordinator, rare Charitable Research Reserve, Cambridge, Ontario

“I am an avid flower gardener and want to expand my knowledge of fruit trees and vegetables. I found the course very informative, easy to understand, with clear explanations, and it was helpful, especially to beginners. The videos are well presented and showed results. The films involved other people, including specialists. And laughter was included! I would recommend taking the course to any one who is interested in growing healthy fruit trees. Whether you are an arborist or a beginner, this educational course offered new insights, as simple as painting the trunk. The price is very reasonable and the teacher is accessible to any questions. If you want to plant fruit trees on your property and to take pride in a good outcome then follow all the instructions in this course.”

Cora de Juan-Goddard

Tottenham Ontario

“I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the beginner fruit tree care course. I especially liked your videos since I am a visual person. The course covered all the subjects needed for beginner fruit tree care management in an organic manner. It was also nice to see that when I had questions they were answered very quickly through email. Your accompanying resource book ‘Growing Urban Orchards’ is thorough and is written in a clear and concise manner. I certainly would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in growing fruit trees whether you are a home gardener or in a professional capacity.”

Marian Volkman

Owner, Mother Earth Gardens and Design Inc., Vancouver, B.C.

“I am a Toronto Master Gardener for over seven years, living and growing a few organic fruit trees in my backyard in Toronto. I attended a meeting/lecture at the TBG where Susan talked about growing fruit trees. I was so impressed with Susan’s presentation that I decided to take the course to increase my knowledge of growing organic fruit tree and care. I have food allergies so I’m not able to eat most of the fruits on the market; growing my own organic fruits would allow me to enjoy fresh fruits in the summer. The trees did well for a few years but they have grown too big and showing signs of stress. I needed the course to help me to identify why the trees were not producing as many fruits, as well as to help to prune the trees. The course helped me to identify the diseases, the general care of the trees, when to spray, prune and help the tree to get more sunlight. The entire course was great! Susan made the lectures really interesting, simple to understand, which allowed me to follow along on all the modules. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to get more knowledge on growing fruit trees.”

Connie Foster

Master Gardener, Toronto, Ontario

“The Orchard People Beginner Fruit Tree Course caught my eye when I noticed that it was Canadian and urban based, as so much of the content out there is for warmer zones and farmer scale. I will be designing (with consultant assistance) and installing a poly-culture orchard in my large suburban yard and wanted more applied information regarding care and maintenance. This course provided broad topic coverage with sufficient depth for people with beginner or intermediate knowledge to find useful. I recommend this course, it’s well worth your time and money.”
Jay Cuthbertson

Courtice, Ontario

“I am proud to have completed Orchard People’s Beginner Fruit Tree Care Workshop Series. This course included 40 lessons with 8 hours of video, and several e-books including Susan Poizner’s award-winning fruit tree care book “Growing Urban Orchards”. Lessons included; choosing the best planting location, fruit tree varieties, disease resistance, fruit tree pollination, planting bare root trees, thinning fruit, seasonal pruning, pests and disease prevention and more. Susan’s course was well structured and extremely informative. I highly recommend this valuable course.”

Rose Tileston

Co-Founder, Hidden Harvest Pittsburgh

“I really loved this course. It was a lot of fun and made learning the topic so interesting and enjoyable! The methods used and the way of teaching really made it easy for me to retain the information. I will definitely recommend to others.”
Liz Lovell

Horticultural Technician Apprentice,, Toronto, Ontario

“Very helpful information, approachably delivered, in a nicely organized and well-paced format. I’m excited to start pruning right away!”
Tim Diebel

Farmer, , Taproot Garden, Norwalk, IA

“This course and the accompanying ebook are packed with practical information that takes the mystery out of growing fruit trees. Susan’s method of presenting the course material is interesting and easy to follow. I now feel knowledgable enough to make my first fruit tree purchases this spring:)”

Stacey Silvestri

Gardener, City of Mississauga Parks Department

“Thank you for an insightful course – a must-do for anyone interested in growing their own fruit. It was full of great essential information with straight forward, to-the-point lessons.”

Lindsay Stuijfzand

Gardener, Toronto, Ontario

“I took the Beginner Fruit Tree course in anticipation of planting an orchard at our new school garden.  Although I have a gardening background I knew very little about fruit trees other than how much I enjoyed eating their bounty!   I  hoped that this beginner’s course would give me a solid foundation  of knowledge to plant and take care of our new trees.

The online course was very informative, easy to follow and enjoyable.  The videos and the eBook provided me with a solid understanding of fruit trees and their care.  I feel much more competent about planting and nurturing our orchard!”

Elaine Garness

Program Supervisor, Aptus Teaching Landscape

“It’s a great course.  Very straightforward and easy to follow with your videos.  I like all the extra tidbits of information you added with the blogs, soil test sheets, tree nursery info and mini book downloads.”

Giselle Durant

Volunteer, Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard, Toronto, Ontario

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Susan Poizner

Susan Poizner

Director, Fruit Tree Care Education Online

Susan Poizner is the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards and the creator of the award-winning online fruit tree care training portal at She is an urban orchardist, journalist and film maker living in Toronto, Canada.