Episode 48: What are Biofertilizers?

There is such a thing as “dead soil.” And if your fruit tree is planted in soil like that, your fruit trees may never be able to reach their full potential. 

Simon Neufeld is a Certified Crop Adviser, and an agronomist who works to promote a sustainable biological approach to agriculture

In this episode, I speak to certified crop advisor Simon Neufeld about soil biology. Why is it important to have a lot of good organisms in your soil? What services do they provide? And if you do have “dead soil” – is it possible to use so-called “biofertilizers” to bring it back to life? 

Simon is the Chief Agronomist at Earth Alive Clean Technologies, a company that develops environmentally sustainable microbial products which they say can replace many of the damaging chemicals that farmers use today. 

What You Will Learn During this Show about Soil and Biofertilizers

  • What is soil?
  • What does healthy soil look like?
  • What types of organisms can be found in the soil and what do they do?
    What are the three steps to building a healthy soil that is filled with life?
  • What are biofertilizers and how do they work? 
  • When should biofertilizers be applied and in what conditions? 

During the live show listeners were eligible to enter our contest to win a bag (425 g) of Soil Activator – a microbial biofertilizer that contains three strains of beneficial naturally occurring bacteria that help make nutrients more available in the soil and 1 pouch (22.5 g) of Root Rescue Transplanter – a mycorrhizal inoculant that forms a symbiotic relationship with plant roots to allow them better access to water and nutrients in the soil.

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