Episode 17: Fruit Trees in the Desert, Native Edibles

It’s hard enough to grow fruit trees in temperate climates but what about growing fruit trees in the desert? In this episode of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast we talk to Greg Peterson of www.urbanfarm.org about growing fruit trees in Phoenix, Arizona. And later in the show we will talk about growing native edible plants and trees from seed. It can be easy, according to Russ Cohen from Arlington Massachusetts. He’ll share some of his tips and suggest why all of us can benefit from having native edibles in our landscape.

The host of the Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast is Susan Poizner of the fruit tree care education website www.orchardpeople.com and the author of the award-winning fuit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards. The show is broadcast live on the last Tuesday of every month at 1.00 pm Eastern Time on RealityRadio101.com. This show covers fruit trees, food forests, permaculture and arboriculture.

What you will learn about growing fruit trees in the desert

  • What challenges do you face when growing fruit trees in desert environments?
  • What are the benefits of growing fruit trees in desert environments?
  • How does woody mulch improve the health and survivability of a desert fruit tree?
  • How do you properly irrigate desert fruit trees?
  • How do you determine the most suitable fruit tree species for desert environments?
  • What are “chill hours”?

What you will learn about native edible plants

  • What is a native plant?
  • How can birds and other wildlife pollinate native species?
  • What is foraging?
  • What are some examples of native edible plants in Northeastern U.S?
  • How do you propagate native edible plants from seed or fruit?
  • What is stratification?
  • How do you protect native seedlings from rodents and other pests?
  • How do pruning needs differ among native edible plants?
  • What are some recipes or edible uses for edible native plants?

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