Thanks for Signing Up for Beginner Fruit Tree Care!

Thanks for signing up for’s Beginner Fruit Tree Care workshop series!

You are now setting off on a journey in which you will learn how to select, plant and care for your fruit trees. The series consists of over eight hours of videos divided up into five key modules. I recommend that you watch the modules in order.

  • Researching and sourcing your trees
  • Planting and young tree care
  • Winter and summer pruning
  • Preventing pests and disease
  • Soil and nutritional management

There are three steps in taking this course

  1. Click into the welcome page and download your PDF copy of my book “Growing Urban Orchards”. You’ll refer to it from time to time as you go through the course.
  2. Watch the videos in order. Most are followed by a short quiz to help you review the concepts.
  3. Once all that’s done, take the final assessment. With a score of 70 percent or more I’ll send you your Certificate of Completion.

If you have any questions, you can use the contact form below. Keep in touch, good luck and happy growing!

Susan Poizner Director, Orchard People Fruit Tree Care Education

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I’ve designed the series so that each lesson is short, just 15-minutes or less, so you can watch the videos and learn the lessons anytime, anywhere. Have fun with it!

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