Susan's Story on The Urban Farm Podcast

Some of you have been following my blog for years now. Others enjoying tuning into my fruit tree care podcast The Urban Forestry Radio Show on And others have read bits and pieces of my story in my monthly fruit tree care newsletter.

man training apple trees

Susan Poizner uses her writing, radio and film making skills to teach urban growers all aspects of fruit tree care.

But if you’re curious as to how a former journalist, radio producer and film maker turned into an urban orchardist and fruit tree care educator, all your questions will be answered in a wonderful podcast interview by Greg Peterson of The Urban Farm Podcast.

I had lots of fun chatting with Greg and telling him the secret stories behind the first trees I planted, the crazy mistakes I made over the years and why it is that I feel it’s so important for me to do what I do.

I feel so honoured each year to help establish community orchard projects here in Toronto and beyond and to work with and train wonderfully committed people who really want to know how to care for their trees so that they’ll thrive – and this podcast helps to tell my story.

I look forward to working with Greg in the future too. He’s invited me to join him for a free online webinar in January 2017 where I’ll teach you the ten secrets of growing fruit trees successfully. To find out when it’s running, make sure you’re signed up for my monthly newsletter.

Enjoy the podcast! You can find it here:

Susan Poizner on Orchard People