Orchard Sox (Shipping to US & Canada)

Prevent insect damage on growing fruit! Apply orchard sox to your apples, pears, plums and other fruit early in the season, when the fruit is just one inch in diameter (2.5 cm). These nylon barriers will prevent insects from laying eggs under the skin of the growing fruit. This is a great product for home or community orchardists.


An easy way to keep insect pests away from your growing organic fruit

Tired of maggots getting to your fruit before you do? We at Orchard People sure were. That is until we got our hands on Orchard Sox – a chemical free way to protect growing fruit from damage caused by apple maggot, coddling moth and spot wing drosophilia. They have been used successfully on apples, pears and plums.

Now Orchard People is importing this product for our customers. Each package contains 144 Orchard Sox which will cover and protect 144 pieces of fruit and costs $19.95 USD plus $10.00 USD shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada. Made of 100 percent nylon they can be washed and reused each year. Buy a package of Orchard Sox and try them out yourself!

How you use Orchard Sox

Apply after June drop when fruitlet is less than 1 inch in diameter. Thin fruit by removing all but one fruitlet in a cluster. Open end of orchard sock with  your thumb and slip half of the sock over young fruit leaving a long tail that your fruit can grow into. Twist the open end around the fruit stem and tuck it in. The sock will expand as fruit grows.Watch the video below to see more.

How to use orchard sox from Orchard People on Vimeo.

More about Orchard Sox

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