Growing Urban Orchards Softcover Book (Canada Only)

“Growing Urban Orchards: The Ups, Downs, and How-Tos of Fruit Tree Care in the City” is an award-winning fruit tree care book by Susan Poizner. 



More and more city dwellers are planting fruit trees in their yards, parks, or community gardens with the goal of growing lots of healthy, organic fruit. And yet, often they are disappointed. That’s because urban fruit trees face huge challenges including poor soil, salt damage and, most of all, neglect.

Susan Poizner, the founder of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto, Canada, learned the hard way that in order to thrive, fruit trees need specialized, hands-on care. In this book she teaches aspiring orchardists the basic skills they need to grow fruit trees that will be successful right from the start.

What you will learn in this softcover version of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards.

  • How to choose a fruit tree that will thrive in your conditions
  • How to select and prepare your planting site
  • How to feed your tree in order to promote healthy growth
  • How to maximize your harvest through simple pruning techniques
  • Simple, organic ways to protect your tree from pests and disease

About the Author

Susan Poizner is a journalist, film-maker and gardener, and one of the founders of Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto. Susan teaches fruit tree care workshops and webinars, and has created a series of fruit tree care e-learning courses through her company Orchard People. For more information visit

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