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Whether you are caring for one fruit tree or a small orchard, now is the time to learn about how to keep those trees healthy and productive. In this online course, you’ll learn how to select a tree that will thrive in your conditions, winter and summer pruning, pest and disease prevention. Students of this 8-hour certificate program include arborists, master gardeners, landscapers, home growers and community orchardists.

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Planting a fruit tree is a great idea – if you know what you’re doing. Healthy and well cared for fruit trees can be beautiful and productive. Neglected or badly cared for trees can be messy and suffer from problems like pests and disease.

Orchard People offers you a comprehensive and award winning* fruit tree care home-study program where you can learn everything you need to know to grow fruit trees successfully, avoiding the mistakes so many new growers make.

Students include ISA Certified arborists (who earn up to 8 CEUs for successfully completing the course), Master Gardeners, home growers, forestry students and others. This course is appropriate for beginning and intermediate level growers.

This home-study program is made up of five modules:

  • Researching Your Fruit Tree,
  • Planting and Young Tree Care
  • Winter and Summer Pruning
  • Preventing Pests and Disease
  • Soil and Fertility Management

The curriculum includes over eight hours of video material, resource guides, a PDF e-book version of Growing Urban Orchards: The Ups, Downs and How-tos of Fruit Tree Care in the City, online quizzes and more.

After studying the course material and you can take an online assessment. If you get 70% of the answers correct, we will send you an Orchard People Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care.

Sign up now today! If you do not like what you see, we offer a full 100% refund within 30-days of purchase.

* is the recipient of two Garden Writers Association Silver Awards of Achievement. Our award-winning workshops are “Researching your tree” workshop (2014) and “Winter and summer pruning” workshop (2015).


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