Introducing Fruit Tree Care Training Credits for Certified ISA Arborists

Isa arborist climber cuts down part of tall urban tree

ISA Arborists Can Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to Study Fruit Tree Care is proud to announce ISA arborist continuing education credits for our certificate program in Beginner Fruit Tree Care. ISA arborists are skilled tree professionals who have been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and they keep their certification by updating their knowledge each year. If you are an ISA arborist and are interested in learning about fruit tree care, you can sign up for’s Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care and receive up to eight Continuing Education Units (CEUs) when you complete the training and final assessment. The number of CEU points you will earn is linked to the type of arboriculture you practice.

How Many ISA Arborist CEUS Will I Receive?

Depending on your credentials, ISA arborist graduates of Orchard People’s Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care will receive the following CEU credits:

  • BCMA Science: 3 CEUs
  • Practice: 5 CEUs
  • Management: 0 CEUs
  • Climber Specialist: 3 CEUs
  • Certified Arborist: 8 CEUs
  • Utility Specialist: 0 CEUs
  • Municipal Specialist: 5 CEUs
  • Aerial Lift: 3 CEUs
What do ISA Arborists Learn in's Beginner Fruit Tree Care Program?

In 8 hours of online training, including short and entertaining videos and easy-to-read eBooks, you will learn:

  • Winter and summer fruit tree pruning to improve tree health and harvest quality
  • Fruit tree pest and disease prevention
  • Fruit tree soil and fertility management techniques
  • Researching and sourcing fruit trees that will thrive in your unique conditions
  • Planting and young fruit tree care
How Do I Sign Up and Receive Your ISA Arborist CEU Credits

To participate, you can sign up for the course at any time, and when you complete your studies and successfully and complete the final assessment, we will send you your certificate of completion and give you your CEU code. Send your certificate of completion to ISA and you will receive your credits. Any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime!

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Sign Up For Your Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care Today for ISA Arborist CEU Credits

Susan Poizner

Susan Poizner


Susan Poizner is an award-winning writer, film maker and urban orchardist. She is the director of fruit tree education and consulting company Orchard People. She’s the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards and the creator of award-winning online fruit tree care training at