Episode 13: How to Make Cider

Learn how to make cider – or specifically “Hard Cider” – with Ben Watson, Author of Cider Hard and Sweet: History, Traditions and Making Your Own. And later in the show, learn how women are being encouraged to look for jobs in arboriculture and forestry with Katrina van Osch-Saxon of Fleming College’s Urban Forestry Program.

Thinking of packing in the day job, planting an orchard, and starting to produce artisan ciders? There are lots of stories of people who are doing just that. But you don’t have to quit your job in order to make cider. In this show we’ll get a mini-lesson in how to make cider, we’ll learn about the apple cultivars that make your cider great, and we’ll learn about the Franklin County CiderDays in Massachusetts which is a great place to learn more.

And in the second half of the show…Look up. Who do you see pruning and caring for the biggest trees in town? Far too often it’s men but that’s something that Katrina van Osch-Saxon wants to change. She’s a faculty member with Fleming College’s Urban Forestry Programs and she is one of a group of women in arboriculture who is working to attract more women to this noble profession as climbers, urban forestry technicians and more.

What you will learn about making cider in this show:

  • Why is artisanal or local cider-making gaining popularity?
  • What is the difference between hard cider and sweet cider?
  • How do you make hard cider via fermentation?
  • How does yeast affect the production and quality of cider?
  • Where can you find cider-making kits?
  • What apple cultivars are best for making cider?
  • What are “tannins”?
  • What is the Cider Days Festival?

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