Hascap berries (also known as Honeyberries) are easy-to-grow, delicious and hardy.

Hascap berries (also known as Honeyberries) are easy-to-grow, delicious and hardy.

Don Northcott of Phytocultures Limited tells us about a new hybrid berry called Hascap berries (also known as the “Honeyberry”). Hascaps are a hardy and easy-to-grow plant that produces delicious fruit. Don Northcott describes the types of varieties available, the type of soil hascap plants need, and how to protect the berries from pests and diseases. Then, Anna Rallings Research & Education Farm Coordinator, of Kwantlen Polytechnic University talks about her university’s Sustainable Agriculture and Food System’s program. She also explores how urban orchards need to evolve and change over time.

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What You Will Learn About Hascap Plants In This Show

  • What are hascap berries?
  • Where can these plants be found in the wild?
  • What zones can these plants be grown in?
  • What conditions do these plants flourish in?
  • What do the berries taste like?
  • What pest and disease problems do they experience?
  • How were the hybrid plants developed?
  • What are the nutritional qualities of the berries?
  • How do you prune hascap plants?
  • What are their pollination requirements?

Click below to play the podcast and you will learn about about these delicious, easy-to-grow berries!