Episode 3: How Good Bugs Can Prevent Orchard Pests

Learn how beneficial insects can protect your fruit trees from pests and insect infestations in this hour-long podcast featuring Jessica Walliser, Author of Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden and Brian Spencer, President, of biological pest control company Applied Bio-nomics.

What you will learn about beneficial insects in this show:

  •    What is the main goal of the book “Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden”?
  •    What are the different groups of beneficial insects?
  •    What are some examples of beneficial insects?
  •    What ‘harmful’ pests are targeted by predatory insects?
  •    What percentage of insect species are considered agricultural pests?
  •    What plants attract and support beneficial insect populations?
  •    What steps can be taken in your growing space to support beneficial insect populations?
  •    What is the history of insect-breeding and trading in North America?
  •    How can beneficial insects prevent damage by aphids?
  •    How do insect treatments differ between growing spaces?
  •    How much does it cost to purchase beneficial insects for your property?
  •    How can you obtain breeded beneficial insects?

Your host is Susan Poizner, Director of the fruit tree care education company Orchard People and creator of the award-winning fruit tree care portal www.orchardpeople.com. This is the fourth episode of The Urban Forestry Radio Show, brought to you by the Community Orchard Network.

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