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Susan Poizner, Author of Growing Urban Orchards, Creator of Urbanfruittree.com e-Learning and Director of Orchard People Consulting

Susan Poizner, Author of Growing Urban Orchards, Creator of Urbanfruittree.com e-Learning and Director of Orchard People Consulting

Learn to grow fruit trees successfully, right from the start

I am Susan Poizner, and as a community orchardist and fruit tree care educator, I have trained hundreds of people in how to care for fruit trees. I would love to guide you through the process as well! In my book and videos, I cover everything from selecting your fruit tree, to planting and young tree care (winter and summer), to nutrition management, to pest and disease prevention, and more.

Whatever your budget, you will find lots of information on this website that will empower you to grow fruit trees successfully.

Check out these free resources: each e-Learning workshop on this website includes some free video material. Click around and enjoy them. You can also learn from my blog which covers Fruit Tree Q&A, Community Orchard Profiles, and lots more.

Order my book: My award-winning book Growing Urban Orchards weaves stories of urban orchards with lessons on fruit tree care. Not only do you learn what to do…but you learn why we do these things. (Softcover $19.95, eBook $9.95).

Sign up for e-Learning: My online workshops will take you into more detail. They are richly illustrated with photos, videos, interviews and stories to help teach you all of the key fruit tree care skills you will need. You can watch the video workshops anywhere, at any time (from $19.95 a workshop).

My book and online workshops come with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee – if you don’t like what you see, I will give you a full refund. Enjoy!


How do I know about fruit trees?

By making mistakes! I am one of the founders of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto. We planted our first fruit trees in 2009 thinking that growing fruit trees organically would be easy. But we made many mistakes and we learned from them. Watch the short video below to learn the story of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard and the lessons we learned.

The Story of Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard from Orchard People on Vimeo.


What people are saying about us

“Susan Poizner is the perfect guide to lead novices and experts alike through the opportunities and challenges of growing fruit trees in the city. With a tone that’s seasoned (confessing her own mistakes to save us from making them!), reassuring and refreshingly clear, Poizner provides tips, tools, and a treasure-trove of practical information.” Lorraine Johnson
City Farmer/ Author: Adventures in Urban Food Growing and The New Ontario Naturalized Garden

“To grow a fruit tree is an act of beauty and community that connects us to this planet we call home. Susan Poizner prepares you for this task by explaining the science, the technique and everything else you need to know to get started. It’s obvious that this invaluable book is inspired by the joy of growing fruit.”
Sarah Elton
Bestselling Author of Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet
“Look no further for an indispensable guide to growing fruit trees – this is it. Susan Poizner doesn’t cover only the how-to, she tells you why certain techniques work, and includes stories from professional and amateur growers in Canada and the U.S.”
Liz Primeau
Author of In Pursuit of Garlic: An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb, and Front Yard Gardens: Growing More Than Grass
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