Hazelnut Trees and Truffles

Episode #37: Hazelnuts and Truffles

Hazelnuts are becoming increasingly popular as a high value crop…and can be grown together with truffles.

Some things go really well together, like pancakes and maple syrup – but there are other winning combinations that many people don’t know about – like growing hazelnut trees together with truffles! In this episode, Adam Koziol of Earthgen Tree Nursery in Ontario explains why hazelnut trees are becoming increasingly popular both in the home garden and as a cash crop. He also discusses how the trees can be inoculated so that they produce valuable truffles as well as nuts.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode on Hazelnuts and Truffles

  • 8:00 When did Adam first begin growing Truffles?
  • 11:00 How long do truffles take to be ready?
  • 11:20 What temperatures do Truffles need?
  • 13:10 Has dual-cropping of Hazelnuts and Truffles been done anywhere else?
  • 13:50 What are the planting distances for Hazel trees?
  • 15:10 What are tissue cultures?
  • 15:50 What is layering?
  • 16:30 Are there grafted hazel trees?
  • 19:50 What amount of sun exposure do Hazels need to thrive?
  • 20:10 Do deer eat Hazelnuts?
  • 20:30 How much maintenance do Hazel trees need?
  • 22:00 Does Adam sell to individuals or wholesalers?
  • 22:50 Does the type of hazelnut influence whether truffles grow?
  • 24:00 Do hazelnuts grow wild in the Northern U.S.?
  • 33:00 How many types of hazelnuts are there and how do they differ?
  • 36:50 Adam’s suggested cultivars for growing
  • 39:00 Adam’s two favourite cultivars
  • 39:30 Why do American Hazelnuts grow well in the North American climate?
  • 42:20 What do growers need to know about before planting Hazelnuts?
  • 43:50 What are good companion plants for Hazels?
  • 45:20 Do Hazelnuts grow well in Florida?
  • 46:30 What should growers do about blighted Hazel trees?
  • 54:30 Which types of truffles grow the best with Hazel trees?
  • 56:30 How valuable are Burgundy and Black truffles?
  • 58:10 How many inches under the soil would truffles be found?

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