Coffee Farmer in Peru (photo credit Arbor Day Foundation)

How harvesting the fruit can help alleviate global hunger: In Peru, shade grown coffee helps support local farmers and the environment, while in North America planting nut trees and harvesting the fruit on urban trees can help get produce to those who need it most. (Photo credit Arbor Day Foundation)

Harvesting the fruit on a local tree can be a pleasure. But can it also be a solution to global hunger? In this episode of the Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast we’ll learn how fruit trees, nut trees and coffee plants can be used to tackle global hunger and poverty. Our guests on the show are:

  • Ryan Hatt, Business Development Manager of the Arbor Day Foundation on a project to promote shade grown coffee as a way to tackle poverty – and to save the rainforest. (Photo credit above of a coffee farmer in Peru – Arbor Day Foundation)
  • Ernie Grimo from Grimo Nut Nursery on the secrets of growing nut trees and the role nut trees can play in bringing food security to communities.
  • Sue Arndt of Not Far From The Tree on how Toronto’s fantastic fruit harvesting project helps get fresh fruit to those who need it most.

What you will learn about growing and harvesting fruit and nut trees to combat hunger in this show:

  • Where do coffee trees typically grow?
  • How long does a coffee tree grow before it begins to harvest fruit?
  • How does fruit quality and productivity differ between sun-grown and shade-grown coffee trees?
  • How does the growth and harvesting of shade-grown coffee trees improve the lives of those in impoverished communities?
  • How does the coffee industry typically impact rainforests?
  • What kind of pests and diseases impact coffee trees?
  • What are the goals and initiatives of the Arbor Day Foundation?
  • What kinds of social, economic and environmental issues can be solved by the growth of trees and shrubs?
  • How can you get involved with and support the Arbor Day Foundation?
  • How much attention do nut trees require to produce a healthy harvest?
  • How can you protect nut trees from larger pests such as squirrels?
  • What growth conditions do nut trees typically thrive in?
  • How can nuts provide food security to communities in need?
  • What are the goals and initiatives of the fruit-harvesting project ‘Not Far From the Tree’? 

The show’s host is Susan Poizner, of fruit tree care education and training website This show was brought to you by The Community Orchard Network and our show’s wonderful sponsors including The Arbor Day Foundation.