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Episode 43: Growing Uncommon Fruits with Lee Reich

When it comes to growing fruit in your garden, why limit yourself to growing apples and pears when you can grow uncommon fruits like shipova, hardy kiwi, maypop and medlar? 

In this episode of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast we learn all about it with horticultural consultant and writer Lee Reich, PhD. author of Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden.

Email in your question during the live show and you can win a copy of Lee Reich’s book.

In this episode Lee shares some of the interesting fruits he grows on what he calls his “farmden” (which he says is more than a garden, and less than a farm) in New York state. During the live show Lee answers listener questions while he discusses uncommon fruits for every garden. 

What You Will Learn About How to Grow Uncommon Fruits

  • 3:50 Lee is welcomed into the show
  • 5:55 Lee mentions when he began growing uncommon fruits
  • 7:50 Learn about the Nanking Cherry tree.
  • 10:40 Why are Nanking Cherries hardy?
  • 11:35 Lee tells the audience about his education and Ph.D.
  • 15:00 Should the tops of trees be pruned?
  • 18:00 How to prune gooseberry trees.
  • 19:15 What is a Shipova tree?
  • 22:00 What are the challenges to growing Shipova trees?
  • 23:50 Do uncommon fruits have less pest and disease problems?
  • 29:50 What is a Maypop?
  • 31:00 Symbolism in passionfruit
  • 32:45 How to grow maypop successfully
  • 46:30 What is the uncommon fruit Che?
  • 49:00 What is a Medlar tree?
  • 54:30 What are good growing fruits for zone 7B?


You can see more images of the fruit cultivars that Lee grows and share your comments and experiences on this post on the Orchard People facebook page

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