Episode 8: Climate Change and Fruit Trees

How will the changing climate affect the way we grow fruit now and in the years to come? In this episode of Urban Forestry Radio we speak to Gregory Michael Peck, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Horticulture, Sustainable Fruit Production Systems at Cornell University about how climate change will affect fruit trees and how we as growers and gardeners can prepare. Our second guest is Joel MacCharles, co-founder of the popular website wellpreserved.ca and co author (with Dana Harrison) of Batch Cookbook. The Urban Forestry Radio Show explores fruit trees, food forests, permaculture and much more!

What you will learn about the effects of climate change on fruit trees in this show:

  • What problems do fruit trees face as a result of strange climatic events?

  • What changes must be implemented to protect trees from the effects of climate change?

  • What kinds of weather patterns may occur as a result of climate change?

  • How can climate change affect pest and disease occurrences?

  • What are some benefits to warmer temperatures for fruit tree growth?

  • How do organic growth methods affect the quality of fruit production and fruit marketing?

  • What products and activities can affect soil quality?


The show’s host is Susan Poizner, creator of the award-winning fruit tree care portal www.orchardpeople.com and author of the award-winning fruit tree care book “Growing Urban Orchards”.

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