Chlorosis on Hickory Tree Leaves

Chlorosis on Hickory Tree Leaves

What are the leaves on your trees – including your fruit trees – telling you about its health? We’ll talk to Linda Chalker-Scott, an associate professor and horticulturist at Washington State University and the author of “How Plants Work: The Science Behind The Amazing Things That Plants Do”. Then In the second half of the show we’ll explore cherry tree root stock. Why is it important to consider before you buy and plant a cherry tree? We’ll speak to Lynn Long, a professor of horticulture at Oregon State University.

What you will learn about leaves in this show:

  •                   What do the changing colours of autumn leaves represent?
  •     What are the pigments responsible for fall colours?
  •     Why don’t the leaves of fruit trees experience much change in colour?
  •     What can the appearance of leaves reveal about the health of a plant?
  •     What is “restoration horticulture”?
  •     What is “drought stress”?
  •        What are the signs of chlorosis?
  •     How can diseases manifest in leaves?

 What you will learn about cherry root stock in this  show:

  •                 What is a root stock?
  •    What are the benefits and factors to consider when choosing the right        root stock?
  •    Do different cherry cultivars have different health benefits?
  •    What are the effects of bacterial canker on dwarf cherry trees?

Here are some articles that Lynn Long has written about choosing cherry cultivars and cherry root stock for more information:

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