Tree Stories Films

Supported by “The Tree Fund“, a tree research and education endowment in Canada, “Tree Stories” is a series of films that celebrates the stories of trees and the people that tend them, protect them, and enjoy them. You can view the films below.   You can order copies for public screenings from Visual Education. Or find more information on the Tree Stories Website.

A Call for Urban Orchards

Susan Poizner of the eco-gardening group Growing for Green tells the story of Toronto’s first community orchard, and explains why she feels that orchards have an important role to place in the urban environment in years to come.

The Last Oaks in Oakville

It was one of the last remaining ancient White Oak trees left in the town of Oakville, Ontario. But in 2001, the local regional council decided to cut it down as part of a highway widening project. Then an 86-year-old Joyce Burnell lead a small group of tree advocates in their battle to save the 250-year-old native from the chipper.

A Beech Among Maples

“Mostly you want maple trees in a sugarbush,” says Torie Gervais, the daughter of a part time farmer whose sugarbush produces vast amounts of maple syrup. But in her early 20s, Torie learned that for a forest to be healthy, you need biodiversity. This led to an ongoing battle between Torie and her dad, to preserve some of the beech trees on the family farm.