Edible Community Garden Grants 2017

Free fruit trees…and free fruit tree care training for community and non profit groups in Toronto, Guelph, Richmond Hill and Cambridge.

Tree Mobile OrchardPeople.com Edible Community Garden Grant 2017

FREE Fruit Fruit Trees And Training For Community and Non-Profit Groups

Who can apply for FREE fruit trees and FREE fruit tree care Training?

Community and Non Profit Groups

Are you involved in a school, faith group, community garden, or non-profit organization helping to grow your community’s sustainability?

With Access to Sunny Planting Location

Do you have a sunny patch of land where you can grow and nurture fruit trees, fruiting shrubs and other perennial crops?

Who are committed to learning to care for their trees

Are you committed to building your fruit tree care skills so you can care for these plants in the years to come?

*Our grants are available for groups in the following locations in Ontario: Toronto, Richmond Hill, Guelph, and Cambridge. All grants are funded by TreeMobile fruit tree and fruiting shrub sales. TreeMobile is a non-profit, totally volunteer run initiative so the more we sell, the more grants we can give out! So support this project by ordering your fruit trees and plants this year from TreeMobile!


Lots of organizations offer grants that will give your group money to plant trees, including fruiting or edible trees. But we think planting fruit trees is only a great idea if you also know how to care for your trees. Neglected fruit trees can be messy and spread pest and disease problems to nearby homes and even local orchards. So for those who are awarded a TreeMobile/Orchard People Edible Garden Grant you’ll not only get FREE TREES AND SHRUBS to plant, but you’ll get FREE FRUIT TREE CARE TRAINING through OrchardPeople.com’s award-winning online fruit tree care training certificate program.

So come and join us as we increase local food security by growing food everywhere. We want to promote and assist in the planting of community food and to strengthen community collaboration, knowledge and resilience skills. And most of us, our goal is to ensure that donated plants will be well cared for so they can be healthy and productive. Good luck in your application! And spread the word about TreeMobile’s Fruit Tree Sales – the more we sell, the more donations we can give to groups like you.


Do you want us to succeed in being able to support lots of community, school, church and non profit groups in learning how to grow fruit trees successfully? You can help make our communities more sustainable by doing easy things, like putting up our posters in your neighbourhood store or by becoming a TreeMobile Volunteer. Help us make the world a better place by getting involved. Click below to get started.


Application Process and Timeline Spring 2017

March 2017 Grant applications begin TreeMobile Ordering begins

Wednesday April 12 Grant applications close at 5:00 pm

Thursday April 13 Grant winners announced

Friday April 21 TreeMobile Ordering closes 10:00 pm or when sold out

Sunday April 30 Toronto & Richmond Hill Planting, Deliveries & Pickups, see website for details

Sunday May 7 Guelph & Cambridge Planting, Deliveries & Pickups, see website for details

Please check TreeMobile website for updates, and sign up to receive news in case of any changes.

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Apply For The TreeMobile OrchardPeople.com Grant!

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Grants are possible thanks to the donations of the following organizations: