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Hundreds of North Americans are using Orchards People online workshops and eBooks to learn how to grow fruit trees organically…find out why:

About Growing Urban Orchards: “Poizner answers all the questions that most of us would like to ask, but don’t, for fear of looking stupid in front of salespeople at garden centres. In fact, if you’re recently planted a fruit sapling, her section called “Winter Pruning for the First Three Years” is a must read. (I wish I’d had the book years ago.) Unlike arborists, who love tossing around baffling terms, Poizner takes a “guide for dummies” approach to the topic.”

Sonia Day

Columnist, Toronto Star

About Orchard People’s workshops: “Susan Poizner is a true professional whose work and messages are original and top notch. She is detail-driven and ensures that the product she delivers is easily-understood and received. She is clearly dedicated to the cause of having more fruit trees in our lives and fulfilled a real educational need in helping Tree Canada ensure that community groups understand the complexities of fruit tree management.”

Cédric Bertrand

Project Manager, Tree Canada

About Orchard People’s Workshops: “Through the delivery of her fruit tree care workshops, Susan and her team have provided us with a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques for controlling pests & diseases, pruning, mulching, watering & feeding the 75 fruit trees in our urban orchard. Most importantly, they teach with such a caring and down-to-earth manner that we are all inspired to continue learning, applying the knowledge and seeing our trees thrive!

Beatriz Alas

Community Engagement Coordinator, North York Community House


Susan Poizner, the creator of is an award-winning journalist, a film-maker…and an urban orchardist.

Susan Poizner

Susan Poizner



Susan Poizner is a writer, filmmaker and urban orchardist. She is one of the founders of the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto and she is the director of fruit tree consulting and education company Orchard People. Susan trains urban orchardists across North America through her award-winning online workshops on She is also the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book, “Growing Urban Orchards”.


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