March 1, 2024
When to prune fruit trees

Wondering when to prune fruit trees? In this blog, we explore which trees benefit most from winter pruning and when summer pruning is best.

January 25, 2024
How to Prune Old Apple Trees to Produce Better Fruit

Learn how to prune old apple trees.Pruning these old fruit trees will result in better quality fruit and habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife.

January 22, 2024
Apple Tree Varieties: Discover the Best Tasting Apples

Discover the best apple varieties from the past as well as more modern varieties in this apple taste comparison.

December 5, 2023
Let The Sunshine In: Indoor Lemon Tree Care

If you live in a cold climate, growing a lemon tree indoors is still possible. Learn how in this article.

November 17, 2023
5 Steps to Preparing Fruit Trees for Winter (and Preventing Winter Damage)

Fruit trees can sustain damage during the cold winters. Here's how to prepare your fruit trees to protect them from winter damage.

July 21, 2023
Community Orchard Projects that Inspire

Learn about some of the top community orchard projects that are blooming across North America.

February 20, 2018
What is Wassailing? An excuse for hot cider, dancing and fun!

Wassailing is an ancient English tradition, stemming back to pagan times, in which the community encourages a great apple harvest by singing and dancing in their apple orchards. See wassailing in action in this video blog post!