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Creating a Permaculture Garden

Award-winning Author Eric Toensmeier explains how to turn your yard or orchard into a permaculture garden. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Get started today with these five easy steps.

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When to prune fruit trees

Wondering when to prune fruit trees? In this blog we explore which trees benefit most from winter pruning and when summer pruning is best.

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How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors

No room for a full sized fruit tree in your yard. Opt for a small fruit tree instead like a Meyer Lemon tree which you can grow indoors during the winter and on a sunny patio in summer months. Learn how to grow your Meyer Lemon in this radio report.

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Should We Plant Community Orchards in Public Parks?

The debate is raging from Toronto, Canada to Basel, Switzerland – should we plant fruit trees and community orchards in public parks? Enthusiastic residents and fans of urban agriculture say “yes!” but City authorities don’t always agree.

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