Apple Tasting at Wychwood Barns, Toronto, ON. 2014 from Orchard People on Vimeo.

Like apples? Well, you’ll love them even more when you realize that there are thousands of different apple varieties. So why do we only find a handful of them in the supermarket? At this event at Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto, farmers’ market visitors had the opportunity to taste 18 different types of apples – some were heirloom. Others disease resistant. It was an apple lovers fantasy organized by apple enthusiast Suzanne Long with a great team of volunteers. Video created by Susan Poizner of Orchard People Fruit Tree Care Education. Interested in ordering your own fruit trees? Download our FREE fruit tree nursery list in Canada and the USA.

Some of the great apples we tasted:

Fameuse – (also known as the Snow Apple), planted on the eastern shores of Lake Champlain in Quebec way back in 1730. it’s a sweet, crisp apple with a light strawberry flavour.
McIntosh – discovered in 1811 by John McIntosh in Dundas County, Ontario. It is possibly a descendent of Fameuse and is a favourite apple around the world.
Macoun – introduced in Geneva, USA, in 1923 and named after a Canadian fruit breeder, W.T. Macoun. White juicy flesh and very sweet. Becoming more popular with apple snobs and connoisseurs!
NovaMac – Developed in Kentville, Nova Scotia, that looks like a McIntosh but is sweeter. I love the NovaMac because it’s a disease resistant tree so it’s one of the ones is good for organic and home growers.
Liberty – Developed in the US and one of the best disease resistant apple trees available. Refreshing, sweet, and juicy flavour.

Some of the farms where Suzanne purchased – or picked – the apples:

Check out the tasting! Watch the film linked to this blog!


Susan Poizner

Susan Poizner

Director, Fruit Tree Care Education Online

Susan Poizner is the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards and the creator of the award-winning online fruit tree care training program at She is also the host of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast.  She is an urban orchardist, journalist and film maker living in Toronto, Canada.