Episode #26: Storing Apples for Winter

Dr Randy Beaudry of Michigan State University

You’ve grown a beautiful harvest. Now, how do you keep it fresh through the winter months? Learn about winter apple storage and also why Honeycrisp apples are so hard to store (and hard to grow!). In this episode of Urban Forestry Radio we speak to Dr. Randy Beaudry, a postharvest physiologist working at Michigan State University who has devised better ways to store Honeycrisp and other apples.

During the live show Randy answers listener questions and comments. The conversation continues on this post on OrchardPeople.com’s Facebook page.

Also durning the show listeners had an opportunity to win a copy of The Joy of Keeping a Root Cellar: Canning, freezing, drying smoking and preserving the harvest by Jennifer Megyesi and Geoff Hansen.

What you will learn about storing apples for winter:

  •     What apple variety is the most rapidly-growing in North America?
  •     Why are Honeycrisp apples difficult to grow?
  •     What kind of diseases are common among Honeycrisp apples?
  •     Can diseases spread among individual contaminated stored fruits?
  •     What are supermarket apples typically coated with to keep a shiny appearance?
  •     How do optimal storing temperatures vary between apple varieties?
  •     How long can different apple varieties be stored for?
  •     What does the process of commercial fruit storage involve?
  •     What are the differences between strains of Honeycrisp apples?
  •     What apple varieties are best for early storing?
  •     How can you adapt fruit storage protocols for your home?
  •     What apple varieties are best for long storage in your home?
  •     What storage conditions are needed for safe fruit storing?

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