Soil Testing

Soil testing with soil probe and bucket with trowel

It is important to test your soil before planting your fruit trees. Organic orchardists test their soil every few years and amend as necessary because they know that healthy soil means healthy trees and a generous harvest.

Healthy soil means healthy fruit trees – healthy fruit trees leads to tasty fruit

Organic orchardists know that healthy soil results in healthy fruit trees and generous harvests. But in the urban environment our soil is often very poor as a result of pollution, salt damage and bad building practices. Before you plant any fruit trees in your garden, it’s wise to test your soil and amend it to give your trees a better chance.

Orchard People offers soil testing services here in the Greater Toronto Area. We can test for soil fertility and heavy metal contamination. Contact us for more information and to book a site visit. And to see our prices, click here.