Apricot trees in spring

The key to success: prepare your soil and select the right trees for your conditions

Would you like to enjoy months of homegrown fruit, starting with cherries in July, apricots and plums in August and apples or pears in September and October? You don’t need as much space as you think to plant a single fruit tree or even a small orchard. But the key to your orchard’s success is to prepare your soil and to select and plant the right trees for your conditions.

Orchard People is a Toronto-based company that works with homeowners, schools and businesses to help them plant and care for fruit trees. We offer orchard consulting, soil testing, bare root tree planting and pruning and maintenance services. We sell reclaimed birdhouses to help you attract the types of birds that will protect your trees from pests. We also offer fruit tree care education through workshops, books, and other educational products.

Our products and services include:

  • Soil testing in Toronto – and assistance in interpreting the results
  • Site visits to help you choose and source the right trees for your conditions
  • Pruning and tree care to maintain your trees and improve your harvest
  • Reclaimed birdhouses to attract a ‘free’ pest control team to your orchard
  • Educational workshops, group presentations, books, e-learning, CDs and more

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