Episode #30: Grow Olives Trees in All Climates

Broadcast LIVE on February 27, 2018

at 1pm EST on RealityRadio101.com.

Cary Cloud and his wife Jean. Cary is an expert in growing olive trees in both ideal and less-than-ideal climates.

If you have ever wondered whether you can grow olives, tune in on February 27 when we speak with Cary Cloud, co-owner of Olive Tree Growers nursery in north-central Florida. His specialty is container-growing large, potted, specimen olive trees.Cary will talk about his experience growing olives in both ideal and less-than-ideal climates, sharing insights about winter hardiness and fruit production.

The guest host of the Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast will be Steven Biggs, horticulturist and author of No Guff Vegetable Gardening, Grow Gardeners: Kid-Tested Gardening with Children, and the award-winning book Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t.

During the live show Cary will answer listener questions and comments – just email them during the live show to instudio101@gmail.com. After the broadcast, the conversation continues on OrchardPeople.com’s facebook page.

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