How to Celebrate's Podcast and Website Awards?

Orchard People Receives Awards During July Celebrations

It’s July 2017 and I can still hear the Canada Day fireworks inside my head. And our southern neighbours are basking in the glow of their own Independence Day celebrations. Here in North America there is so much to celebrate. Both are countries that stand for the principles of freedom, democracy, free speech and justice for all.

Still, both countries have a long way to go in learning to protect and nurture our planet. Our shopping addiction and wasteful habits have made vast swaths of land near our cities into literal garbage dumps. North Americans produce more air pollution than the people of many other countries. And all the development here has resulted in a scary decrease in agricultural land.

How will we feed ourselves in the future?

Susan Poizner in Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard in Toronto, Canada

My Goal is to Teach People How to Grow Fruit Trees and Perennial Crops

Those were the things I had in mind when I started this website, my online fruit tree care training program, and my radio show and podcast. My goal was to find effective ways to teach gardeners, landscape designers, arborists and home growers how to grow fruit trees and other perennial crops successfully. We all can figure out how to plant a fruit tree and neglect it so that it becomes a messy liability that attracts and spreads pests and diseases. But growing healthy fruit trees that produce nutritious organic fruit? That takes a bit more knowledge and skill.

And that’s the knowledge that I want to share.

Silver Awards of Achievement for this Website and My Podcast

But how do you communicate that knowledge in a lively, interactive and fun way? That’s been my quest since 2013 in developing all my educational programs. And so when I found out that my peers, fellow members of the Association for Garden Communicators, gave my website and radio show Silver Awards of Achievement this year, I was over the moon.

So here’s the scoop:

  •, has been awarded a 2017 Silver Award of Achievement in the category of “Website, Personal: Overall.”
  • The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast, has been awarded a Silver Award of Achievement in the category of “Podcast: Overall.”
  • And both of those projects are now eligible to compete for a gold award – competing against other silver winners.

When it comes to competing for the gold award, I’m competing against the best of the best in garden communications, including Savvy GardeningEcoBeneficial, We Dig Plants PodcastToronto Gardens blogThe New Perennialist and other great projects.

I’m really proud to be considered one of this fabulous group of people who use their communications skills to make our landscapes more beautiful, productive and environmental.

Thank You to My Amazing Sponsors!

A lot of time goes into making a podcast and website and there are also lots of expenses involved. So I really want to reach out and thank the amazing companies that have sponsored my radio show and podcast to help me cover the expenses involved in its production. Those sponsors include Mark’s Choice, Universal Field Supplies, Acti-Sol Natural Fertilizers and new sponsors and Whiffletree Nurseries. Thank you so much for your support! And thanks to for helping me to produce and broadcast the live radio program to thousands of listeners each month.

Celebrating with Fruit Trees

So how do I celebrate these two awards for my own projects? I think the best way is to go out and spend time with the fruit trees that are my inspiration. Fruit trees are so giving. I am so honoured to be able to spend time with them, caring for them, pruning them, feeding them and enjoying the harvest. And it’s such a joy to know I’m helping others learn these amazing fruit tree care skills too. Thank you fruit trees!

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What’s left in the cherry bowl on harvest day! Community orchard volunteer Lynn shows off a few cherries left in the bowl after she shared out the cherry harvest with visitors to the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard.

Susan Poizner

Susan Poizner

Director, Fruit Tree Care Education Online

Susan Poizner trains arborists, master gardeners, landscape designers and home growers through her award-winning online fruit tree care training at She is the host of’s  Urban Forestry Radio Show and the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book Growing Urban Orchards. Susan grows fruit trees in Toronto, Canada.