114 Chip budding – How to graft an apple tree in less than a minute! from Orchard People on Vimeo.

Most apple and other fruit trees are made up of two components, or two separate trees. The roots come from a root stock tree which is chosen for its disease resistance, flowering time and other factors. The trunk and branches start off as a clipping of a thin, young branch from a fruiting tree with the type of fruit you’d like to grow. That small branch is called “fruitwood”. In this video, Ken Roth from Silver Creek Nurseries in Ontario (www.silvercreeknursery.ca) demonstrates how to use chip budding to graft a new tree. He should know! He creates thousands of new trees each year in this way. Want to learn more about fruit trees and how to grow them organically? You can learn pruning, pest and disease prevention and more at www.orchardpeople.com.