Beginner Fruit Tree Care Training

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Learn key organic fruit tree care skills in just 8 hours in this self-guided training course covering researching your tree, planting and early years care, winter and summer pruning, preventing pests and disease and soil and nutrition management. This course includes 8 hours of video lessons you can watch anytime, anywhere. There are quizzes, free eBooks and resource lists, and it includes an eBook copy of the award-winning fruit tree care book "Growing Urban Orchards". After completing the course, take our 40-question final assessment - if you pass we will send you your Orchard People Certificate in Beginner Fruit Tree Care. Learn the secrets of organic fruit tree care. Sign up today!


Researching your tree

For most new growers, choosing a fruit tree is easy. We just go to the garden centre and buy a tree that produces the type of fruit that we would like to eat. The problem is that many of the familiar conventional varieties are difficult to grow organically. In this module you’ll learn how to choose fruit trees that will thrive organically in your unique conditions. You’ll learn about cross pollination, root stock, disease resistance and much more.


Planting and early years care

Learn how to plant your bare root or potted tree correctly. In this module you will also learn about the special needs that young fruit trees have and how to care for them properly. What are young trees needs in terms of fertility management, thinning, irrigation and more? Susan Poizner of Orchard People Fruit Tree Consulting and Education explains.


Winter and summer pruning

Correct annual pruning is an important way to keep your fruit tree healthy and productive. But pruning a fruit tree is very different from pruning a native tree. When and how should you prune your tree? Find out in this module.


Preventing pests and disease

Pest and disease problems are the biggest obstacle that prevent new and established growers from having healthy trees and bountiful harvests. In this module, you’ll learn simple and effective ways to protect your trees from these problems. We cover disease identification, organic sprays, manual traps and more.


Soil and nutrition management

Organic growers don’t pump up their fruit trees with synthetic fertilizers to ensure a plentiful crop. So how do you ensure that your trees have the nutrients they need? In this module, Susan Poizner of Orchard People Fruit Tree Care Consulting and Education will teach you about soil fertility, soil testing, amending your soil, mulching and more.